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Many people are faced with the common effects of aging including facial wrinkles, creases and folds, thin or flat lips, and hollow areas under the eyes, temples and cheeks. Fortunately there are numerous injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers available to instantly reverse the signs of aging; earning injectables the nickname “liquid facelift”.

These non-surgical treatments work in various ways to provide volume and lift to targeted problem areas – smoothing out wrinkles and lines, plumping flat lips, and correcting hollow areas. Today’s injectables have the power to provide complete facial rejuvenation, giving patients a more fresh and youthful appearance.

Benefits of Injectables

Injectable treatments are fast and relatively painless, requiring little to no recovery time. In fact many of our patients complete a full treatment during their lunch hour. Injectables are also less expensive compared to traditional cosmetic surgery. The combination of no down time and minimal cost makes injectable treatments a great alternative to surgery for correcting the effects of aging.

Different Types of Injectables

The availability of so many different types of injectables can be overwhelming. While reading a brief overview of the different types of injectables, please keep in mind that each injectable provides specific benefits which may or may not be appropriate for your individual goals. Our experienced physicians will tailor a custom anti-aging treatment for your unique needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


Neuromodulators are used for smoothing deep, persistent lines and wrinkles that develop over time. These injectables are derived from a family of Neuromodulators that prevent nerve signals in muscles from contracting; they relax the facial muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. The positive effects of treatment by neuromuscular-based injectables usually lasts between 3 and 6 months.

In addition to Botox, the most widely recognized product in the Neuromodulator family, we also offer Dysport and Xeomin.

Dermal Fillers Available In San Antonio

Dermal fillers are another great option for treating wrinkles and hollow areas associated with facial aging. Today, there are many different types of dermal fillers to choose from:

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers

The most popular class of dermal fillers is based on Hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar found naturally in human skin. By binding water molecules, Hyaluronic acid based products add volume under the skin to smooth wrinkles and folds, plump lips, and remove scars. The effects of dermal fillers usually last between 4 and 6 months.

We offer various HA fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Volbella, Kysse, and Belotero.

Poly-L-lactic Acid

Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic and is used to correct shallow to deep nasolabial folds (i.e., smile lines), contour deficiencies, and other facial wrinkles. Sculptra works by both filling in lines and wrinkles and by stimulating the body to produce new collagen and underlying tissue, thereby creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Calcium-based Microspheres

Radiesse is a safe, FDA-approved dermal filler that restores a natural, youthful look. Used primarily to treat areas with obvious signs of facial aging, Radiesse rebuilds your skin’s foundation and restores your youthful look. Its unique contouring ability allows physicians to treat large areas of the face in one procedure.


Kybella is the first and only non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA for treating fullness under the chin (double chin). Kybella causes the rapid destruction and absorption of fat, leaving a firm jawline without the necessary recovery time of other treatments like liposuction or neck lift surgery.

Filler Treatments at Westlake Dermatology San Antonio

All dermal filler treatments at our San Antonio locations are performed directly by skilled injectors with advanced cosmetic training on administering injectable treatments. Depending on patient need, most filler treatments can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Filler treatments start with a consultation to allow our experts to assess your skin’s unique characteristics and understand your desired end result. An individualized treatment plan will be developed which may include a combination of multiple fillers. The procedure consists of a series of targeted injections where the filler is injected into targeted areas of the skin using an ultrafine needle. Any pain or discomfort can be mitigated through the use of a lidocaine numbing cream. Filler patients can immediately go back to work or their daily activities after treatment.

Our San Antonio Injectors

  • Miriam Gonzalez, RN BSN: Miriam Gonzalez is a dedicated and highly skilled registered nurse who has completed extensive procedural training in Botox and filler injections alongside renowned dermatologist Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis as well as advanced injectable trainings with Allergan and Galderma. She strives to understand her patients’ unique needs and tailors her treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals while enhancing their natural beauty.
  • Malini Fowler, MD: Dr. Fowler is a board-certified dermatologist with advanced training in administering Botox and dermal fillers. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Fowler has practiced in San Antonio since 2016 and is passionate about helping her patients look their very best.

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