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Over 45 million Americans have tattoos; one in five want them removed. Westlake Dermatology is a leading provider of laser tattoo removal in Austin. We are proud to offer safe and effective tattoo removal via the revolutionary PiQo4™ laser.

What is the PiQo4 tattoo removal laser?

Using a combination of picosecond and nanosecond laser energy delivery, the PiQo4 is today’s most advanced laser tattoo removal treatment. By using four different wavelengths, PiQo4 is able to provide up to 10 times greater energy then traditional tattoo removal lasers. This means treatment sessions are faster and fewer treatments may be required. Clinical studies show that PiQo4 is able to treat darker, multi-colored, and complex tattoos more efficiently, with more significant removal in much less time.

Before and After Laser Tattoo Removal

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How does PiQo4 remove tattoos?

Traditional nanosecond lasers used for tattoo removal rely predominately on pure heating of the tattoo pigment. The added ultra-short pulse of energy of PiQo4 goes beyond the photothermal action of a traditional laser by also creating an intense photomechanical effect that shatters the target ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body, while leaving the surrounding tissue unheated.

Other laser tattoo removal devices may require up to 20 to 30 treatments. PiQo4 treatments can often clear tattoos in about 8 to 12 treatments spaced at least 6-8 weeks apart. Additionally, while other tattoo removal lasers are limited to only lighter complexions, PiQo4 can be used on all skin types.

Benefits of PiQo4

PiQo4 is the latest advancement in laser tattoo removal services.

  • Reduced side effects, including less injury to surrounding skin
  • Fewer treatments than traditional lasers
  • Improved clearance, even on difficult ink colors (including blues, greens, and reds) and recalcitrant tattoos
  • Quick treatments that last just minutes

Contraindications for PiQo4

At this time, PiQo4 can only be used on Skin Types I-IV, not V (African-American). The laser is not intended to treat cosmetic tattoos (eyeliner and eyebrows).









Other Applications for PiQo4

In addition to tattoo removal, PiQo4 is approved for the treatment of benign pigmented lesions including sun spots, age spots, melasma, and some birthmarks. These lesions are a result of the cells in the skin producing too much melanin in a localized region, often as a result of sun exposure or aging.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Our pricing structure is based on the size of the tattoo to be removed. However, the number of treatments required to fully remove a tattoo is dependent on different variables including the ink type, colors used, tattoo age, and the patient’s skin color. See the average cost of laser tattoo removal in Austin.

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