Clinical Research

The Westlake Dermatology Clinical Research Center was created to remain in the forefront of clinical, cosmetic, and laser dermatology treatment advancements. Participants access some of the latest innovations for beautiful, healthy skin.

The Westlake Dermatology Clinical Research Center is located within our Westlake location on Bee Caves Road, providing a comfortable and professional environment for study participants.  Studies are open to current Westlake Dermatology patients as well as those that have not visited any of our clinics in the past.

Under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Friedmann, Clinical Research Director and Board Certified Dermatologist, our research team is committed to responsible research conducted under strict industry and safety standards.

Interested in participating in a clinical trial? Please complete the form on this page and a member of our research team will contact you.

Questions about clinical research?  Visit Clinical Research FAQFor more information, call (512) 615-3193 or email

Patches of rough, scaly skin on your face or bald scalp?

We are conducting a medical research study for adults with actinic keratoses (AKs).  Red/pink, dry rough patches may be AKs.