Blu-U Advanced Light Therapy

Teenagers are not the only ones prone to acne troubles; millions of adults also struggle with the frustrations and insecurities of dealing acne. Some people prefer not to take antibiotics or prescriptions to fight acne, and some do not find relief from acne cleansers, creams, and astringents. For those people, Blu-U photodynamic therapy may be the solution.

What is Blu-U?

Blu-U is a unique treatment that involves the use of a high intensity, fluorescent blue light to the face. The fluorescent light technology kills the Propionibacterium (P. acnes), a bacteria that can worsen acne by causing additional inflammation and potentially allow acne to progress and spread.

When combined with the topical solution Levulan Kerastick®, the Blu-U can also be used to treat minimally to moderately thick actinic keratosis (AK) on the face or scalp.

How does the Blu-U compare to ultraviolet light treatment?

Unlike ultraviolet (UV) light, the fluorescent light technology used in Blu-U is an FDA-approved treatment for acne and has no negative side effects, like those associated with prolonged or high intensity UV light exposure.

What can I expect from the Blu-U treatment?

Blu-U treatments are simple and painless. The patient sits in a chair with their face positioned only a few inches from the fluorescent light. The patient stays in this position for a session of approximately 17 minutes. For the treatment of acne, a series of four to six treatments about a month apart may be recommend. To treat AKs with Levulan and Blu-U, one to two treatments is typically all that may be needed.

Blu-U therapy for the treatment of acne is not covered by insurance.