Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation includes both surgical (lip implant, lip lift) and non-surgical (dermal fillers) cosmetic procedures that enhance the appearance of the lips. Lip injections (minimally invasive dermal fillers) provide a temporary effect while surgical procedures provide a permanent result.

Lip Injections (Lip Fillers)

Non-surgical lip augmentation is achievable through lip injections that use various dermal fillers including Juvederm, Restylane, or fat transfer using the patient’s own harvested fat from another area. Lip fillers can be injected into the lips to increase fullness, smooth lines and wrinkles, and correct any drooping of the corners of the mouth. Lip injections are safe, quick, and require no downtime. Many individuals receive lip fillers during their lunch hour and can immediately return back to work after their procedure.

The result of lip enhancement via fillers is temporary, with results typically lasting 6-9 months. However, patients can maintain their full-lipped look through periodic “touch up” treatments.

Before and After Lip Injections

before Before
after After

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Lip Implants

SurgiSil Lip Implants are composed of a soft, solid silicone elastomer using an injection molding process to produce a very natural appearance. The surface is smooth and non-porous, and cannot rupture or deflate over time. Lip implants are available in a variety of sizes to achieve customized results.

The procedure can be performed in our office under local anesthesia. Although permanent, the implant may be easily removed or switched out for another size at any time. Normal activity may be resumed the following day after the procedure.

SurgiSil Perma Implant is a patented, FDA approved device that has undergone extensive clinical testing to ensure its safety and efficacy. The implant is made in the USA.

Before and After Lip Implants

patient 100191 lip implants front view before Before
patient 100191 lip implants front view after After

Lip Lift Surgery

A lip lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that increases how much red lip shows by lifting the lip. With natural aging, the space between the nose and upper lip begins to increase and the lips become thinner and turn in. Lip lift surgery decreases the space between the top of the lip and the nose, resulting in lips that appear fuller and more pronounced. A long space between the nose and lips is seen as older-appearing by our mind’s eye. Shortening this restores a more youthful, prettier mouth area. This repositioning of the lips also can increase the visibility of the upper teeth when the lip is at rest, if desired.

Lip lift procedures are relatively simple but require technical decision so the lips look natural and the scars are not apparent. They can be performed using local anesthesia with or without twilight anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon makes incisions under the nose and then precisely removes enough skin to achieve the desired outcome. This pulls the lip upward, creating a shorter distance and pouting the lip upwards. The procedure is concluded with the incision being closed with sutures.

The results of a lip lift procedure can be dramatic or subtle. The repositioning of the lips will always enhance the appearance of the mouth while smiling and at rest. Unlike lip injections, lip lift results are permanent.

How Much Does Lip Augmentation Cost?

The price of lip augmentation procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) depends on the specific needs and goals of each individual patient. See average lip augmentation prices

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