5 Ways To Speed Up Laser Tattoo Removal

Written by Kelly Wala, RN BSN, Advanced Nurse Injector on May 18, 2018 One Comment

speed up laser tattoo removal

Are you currently living with a tattoo that you regret? It’s estimated that over 9 million American adults currently have an unwanted tattoo that they want to remove. For many, their tattoo can be a source of embarrassment in both their personal and professional lives.

Tattoo removal creams do not work! Fortunately, several years of technological advances has created sound laser-based tattoo removal treatments that are both safe and effective. Today’s lasers are able to isolate and eradicate tattoo ink while leaving surrounding tissue virtually unaffected. The time it takes to fully remove a tattoo depends on several factors including the placement area, size, and color of the tattoo. Patients may require as many as 6 to 12 treatment sessions spaced out over time.

It may actually be possible to speed up the removal process by taking steps to boost your body’s immune system during the removal process. The laser removes tattoo ink by breaking it into small particles that are able to be removed by the body’s normal immune responses. Thus, individuals with stronger immune systems often have shorter removal times as they are able to clear away more fragmented ink particles at a faster rate.

Here are 5 ways to ditch your ink as quickly as possible by enhancing your immune system:

No Smoking

We’ve been a strong advocate for quitting as smoking cigarettes is bad for your skin. With over 4,000 chemicals in each cigarette, you probably already know that smoking causes a host of major health issues link lung cancer or heart disease. In terms of tattoo removal, smoking stresses the immune system limiting the efficacy of each treatment. Smoking also has direct negative effects on wound healing. This means you’ll need more treatment sessions and spend more money. In one study, subjects who smoked regularly had a 70% lower rate of removal after 10 sessions compared to their non-smoking counterparts.


Speeding up tattoo removal can be as simple as speeding up your heart rate. Exercising regularly can increase both your immune system and blood flow which will in turn break down and expel ink particles faster. Tattoo removal patients who add daily physical activity while being treated will see faster results!

Sun Care

Avoiding sun exposure to the treated area can help speed up the removal process for one simple reason: sun overexposure can suppress the immune system. Additionally, patients who get a sun burn will need to wait for their skin to fully heal before undergoing their next treatment session, prolonging the entire removal process. We advise our patients to avoid the sun between sessions. If you must go outdoors make sure to use a high quality sunscreen (make sure it’s at least SPF 30+ and contains at least 7-10% zinc oxide) and cover your tattoo with UV resistant clothing.


Did you know that you can drink your way to better skin? Proper hydration keeps the immune system operating at its peak, allowing for your body to better process the ink. While being treated, try to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily and limit your consumption of alcohol and other dehydrators.


Faster tattoo removal may be as simple as getting more sleep each night. Sleep deprivation is widely known to significantly suppress immune system functioning. So make sure to get enough sleep each night (most adults require 7 – 9 hours nightly) between your treatment sessions.


Kelly Wala, RN BSN

Kelly Wala is a Registered Nurse with a Baccalaureate Degree of Science in Nursing from Eastern Kentucky University. As an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist for the past 10 years Kelly specialized in a full complement of non-surgical aesthetic services such as facial injectables, laser and light therapy, body contouring, and skin care. Kelly was the first in Texas to perform the Injectable Threadlift. Kelly is a Faculty trainer for Allergan Facial Aesthetics and Coolsculpting as well as a Faculty trainer for Galderma Facial Aesthetics and Sculptra. Aesthetics

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