Advanced Scar Control

SKINCEUTICALS Silicone gel clinically proven to improve appearance of current scars and minimize new scars from forming


Product Overview:

SkinCeutials Advanced Scar Control gel is a high-silicone scar minimizing treatment with the ability to improve the tone and texture of current scaring. Product can also be used to prevent new scars from occurring after injury or incisions associated with surgical procedures. Using a formula consisting of 95% silicones, 0.5% allantoin, 2% fatty acids, and 1% ultralight silica, Advanced Scar Control can also be used to protect and smooth post treatment skin. With an elegant, invisible texture, this protective scar treatment creates an ideal environment that helps prevents new scar formation and improves the appearance of recent scars by up to 29%.


  • Scar treatment gel
  • Reduces the appearance of current scarring
  • Prevents new scars from forming
  • Ideal for post procedure skin
  • Helps heal skin after burns and cuts
  • Ideal for use on all skin types


  • Product Type: Scar Treatment Gel
  • Ideal for these skin types: All Skin Types
  • Treats these concerns: Scarring, Skin Damage
  • Key Ingredients: Silicone, Allantoin, Fatty Acids, Silica

How To Use:

Once daily, or as needed, apply a small amount evenly to affected area. Do not apply to broken skin.


Active Ingredients: 95% Silicones, 0.5% Allantoin, 2% Fatty Acids, and 1% Ultralight Silica

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