Neil Farnsworth, MD

Neil Farnsworth, MD

Dr. Farnsworth will be joining Westlake Dermatology at our new River Oaks location in Summer 2022.

Dr. Neil Farnsworth is a board-certified dermatologist with longstanding ties to the Houston area. He grew up in New Orleans, graduated from Harvard University, and later earned his MD at Baylor College of Medicine where he first fell in love with the diversity of challenges found in dermatology. Following Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Farnsworth moved back to New Orleans for his dermatological residency, where he got an invaluable education in the consequences of prolonged lack of access to regular, preventative medical care.

Dr. Farnsworth believes in a comprehensive approach to dermatology, with a special emphasis on regular maintenance of the skin’s health through sun-protection, use of the proper personal care products, and vigilance against potential assaults such as infections, skin cancers, and autoimmune disease. He also believes in an approach to cosmetics emphasizing restraint and a goal for a healthy, vibrant, and natural look.

Dr. Farnsworth’s interests include festivals and hiking, and in 2019 he achieved a lifelong goal of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, “limping over the finish line” of Mt. Katahdin, Maine in late September.

He is thrilled to be back in Houston and joining the Westlake Dermatology mission to serve your cosmetic and medical dermatological needs.

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Neil Farnsworth, MD
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