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Chemical peels are amazing non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments that can effectively treat a specific cosmetic issue while simultaneously refreshing or rejuvenating the skin as a while. There are peels dedicated to treating acne, acne scars, lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, and blotchiness. Chemical peels can range in strength and can be tailored to address individualized patient needs.

Chemical peels are specialized chemical formulas that are applied to the skin in order to create controlled cellular turnover. Peels force the skin to shed away old, dead skin cells at the surface, revealing new and youthful appearing underlying skin.

New Dallas Location: We’re proud to offer chemical peels in Dallas at our new University Park location at 6565 Hillcrest Ave. All chemical peel treatments are performed by a Board Certified Dermatologist with advanced cosmetic and medical dermatology training.

Professional vs. At Home (DIY) Peels

The primary difference between at home and professional chemical peels is strength. While sharing many of the same active ingredients, professional chemical peels are more highly concentrated. This allows professional peels to effect deeper layers of the skin and provide more dramatic results. In contract, at home peels are superficial in nature and yield only modest results.

Chemical Peel Treatments at Westlake Dermatology Dallas

We know the needs and skin characteristics of each individual patient are unique. That’s why all chemical peel treatments in our Dallas location are performed by a Board Certified Dermatologist who can tailor a custom treatment plan to achieve your desired end result.

Peel treatments start with a consultation that allows our staff to understand the unique needs of each patient. Next, a customized chemical peel will be applied to the skin in our office. While treatment time may vary depending on the needs of the patient, most chemical peel treatments can be performed in under an hour. Post treatment, some patients experience redness and sensitivity of the skin. Since chemical peels are non-surgical, patients can return to work and normal daily activities immediately.

Meet Our Dallas Dermatologist

  • Stephanie Saxton-Daniels, MD: Dr. Saxton-Daniels is a board-certified and fellowship-trained cosmetic dermatologist who specializes in non-surgical skin rejuvenation techniques including chemical peels. She graduated from Rice University with a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry, and she received her medical degree from the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical School.

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