Glacial Rx

Glacial Rx is a revolutionary new method of age spot removal that uses cooling CryoAesthetic™ technology to treat skin discoloration. This FDA cleared treatment has been developed by the pioneers of CoolSculpting and Fraxel and is a safe, comfortable method of skin rejuvenation.

Glacial Rx’s patented technology utilizes Cryomodulation™ to target and freeze melanin directly, improving the appearance of the skin. The treatment removes unwanted pigmented spots to reveal smoother, brighter, more youthful skin while temporarily reducing pain and swelling.

What Are Age Spots?

Age spots (also called solar lentigines, sun spots, or liver spots) are flat, pigmented areas of skin and are typically tan, brown or black. Although they might look like cancerous growths, these benign regions of discoloration are harmless. Age spots typically appear on areas of the skin that are most often exposed to the sun. This includes the face, chest, shoulders, arms and hands.

Age spots are formed in response to sun exposure. Excessive ultraviolet light triggers the production of melanin, which darkens the skin for protection. Rather than triggering an even tanning of the skin, some skin cells produce more melanin than others, or melanin can get clumped together in small areas. This irregular melanin production happens more frequently as we age.

Avoiding UV light or protecting your skin with sunscreen are the best ways to prevent age spots. Once they have formed, they do not require treatment, but can be removed for aesthetic reasons.

What Results Can Glacial Rx Provide?

Glacial Rx begins to remove sun spots after a single treatment. Most patients see continued improvements to skin pigmentation within 1-2 months of treatment. In clinical studies, over 90% of sun spots faded within 2 months.

In addition to the removal of sun spots, patients report improvements to their complexion via a general reduction in redness and inflammation. Skin appears brighter and more youthful.

  • Visible improvement in a single treatment
  • Age spot removal or reduction within 2 months
  • Decrease of swelling and redness
  • Skin appears brighter and more youthful

As with any sun spot removal treatment, results are permanent only to the extent you continue to take care of your skin and protect yourself from future sun damage. Sun spots may return, especially as you age or spend more time in the sun.

How Does Glacial Rx Work?

Glacial Rx uses extreme cold (Cryomodulation) to accelerate exfoliation and suppress the production of melatonin. This diminishes the appearance of age spots, and helps reveal brighter, more youthful skin. The cooling process also reduces redness and inflammation, which other age spot treatments often tend to exacerbate.

The treatment has been compared to a facial, with clinical-grade results. Appointments are completed in under an hour.

  • Your provider will apply a cold plate to your skin for approximately 20 seconds
  • As the cold plate slowly moves across your face, you’ll feel a cool, refreshing sensation
  • Cold treatment is followed by the application of serums, including brightening agents and antioxidants
  • Active ingredients in the serums are more effectively absorbed into your cooled skin.

How Does Glacial Rx Compare with Laser Treatments?

  • Less Pain than Laser. Your Glacial Rx treatment delivers results with less pain, redness and swelling than a typical laser treatment. Glacial Rx treatments require no numbing agents or anesthetics. The treatment itself has been described as relaxing, cooling and refreshing.
  • Less Downtime than Laser. There is no downtime required with a Glacial Rx treatment. Participants in early trials comfortably returned to normal activities immediately after their treatment. Some age spot treatment methods require you to avoid the sun or take several days of downtime. With Glacial Rx you can schedule your treatment at any time of year, or any time of day that’s convenient for you.
  • Fewer Total Sessions than Laser. Some laser treatments require up to 6 months of repeated sessions, while Glacial Rx clients report seeing results within 1-2 months.
  • Fewer Side Effects than Laser. Side effects of many laser treatments include redness, swelling, and increased inflammation. Glacial RX is FDA cleared to address age spots and pigmentation, signifying the treatment as both safe and effective. To date, only minor side effects such as redness have been observed in patients undergoing Glacial Rx treatment. These side effects resolved on their own within just a few days.