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Now offering advanced medical-grade chemical peels in Houston!

Chemical peels are topically applied formulas that address a variety of cosmetic issues including acne, acne scarring, sun damage, blotchiness, fine line, wrinkles, and enlarged pore size. Chemical peels enhance the skin through controlled cellular turnover. Older, surface level skin is shed to reveal fresh and youthful underlying skin. Chemical peels can range in strength and can be tailored to address individualized patient needs.

Houston Location: We’re proud to offer chemical peels in Houston in University Place at our location: 2132 Bissonnet St. (near Shepherd Dr.). Peel treatments are formulated and applied by a Board Certified Dermatologist with advanced cosmetic and medical dermatology training.

Professional vs. At Home (DIY) Chemical Peels

Many at-home and professional chemical peels are based on similar active ingredients like glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and alpha hydroxyl acid. The difference between the two lies in peel strength or concentration. DIY peels are less powerful and superficial, providing minimal results. Professional peels are highly concentrated with powerful peeling agents. In-office peels target deeper layers of the dermis to provide more dramatic results.

Peel Treatments at Westlake Dermatology Houston

At Westlake Dermatology we know chemical peels need to be as individualized as the needs and skin characteristics of our patients. That’s why all peel treatments at our Houston location are developed and performed by a Board Certified Dermatologist.

All peel treatments start with an in-office consultation, allowing our dermatologists to assess the individual characteristics of your skin and understand your desired end result. A customized peel will be developed based on patient need and applied to the skin in our office. Treatment time can vary depending on patient need. Depending on peel strength some patients may experience some redness and sensitivity. However, most patients can return to normal daily activities directly following treatment.

Our Houston Dermatologists

  • Quynh-Giao (QG) Nguyen Sartor: Dr. Quynh-Giao Sartor is a board certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist. Dr. Sartor is passionate about treating the common symptoms of aging, from wrinkles to sagging skin. She received in-depth training in the administration of chemical peels, facials, and other in-office topical treatments.

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