Advanced Scar Removal Laser

Scar formation is due to excessive and abnormal collagen production by the top layers of skin in response to a wound. The final appearance of a scar can depend on numerous factors, including the size and location of the wound, as well as the age, race, and genetic predispositions of the individual.

For many patients with large, raised, or pigmented scars in noticeable locations, the long-term cosmetic effects of the scar can have a significant emotional or psychological impact.

Laser scar revision using SCAAR FX can significantly improve the appearance of thickened scars.

What is the SCAAR FX laser?

SCAAR FX is a minimally invasive laser treatment with the ability to effectively address thickened scars of any severity, including deep contracted lesions. SCAAR FX works by delivering bursts of high energy deep into the skin to break up existing scar tissue and promote normal collagen regrowth. Over time, SCAAR FX treatments can reduce differences in tissue makeup and pigmentation relative to the surrounding normal skin, diminishing the appearance of the scar.

The primary difference between SCAAR FX and other CO2 lasers is reach. SCAAR FX is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, up to 4mm under the skin, compared to the 1mm penetration of a typical CO2 laser. This enables SCAAR FX to address even extremely thick forms of scarring.

The SCAAR FX laser is also extremely customizable, enabling operators to alter the treatment to meet the individual needs of each patient’s scar type.

What kind of results should I expect?

While results can vary, many patients achieve a noticeable result after their very first treatment. Depending on the specific characteristics of the scar, it often takes multiple treatment sessions to achieve the final desired result. The scar diminishing effects of SCAAR FX typically continue for up to 6 months following the last procedure.

Is SCAAR FX painful?

While mild discomfort is possible, most patients will feel only minimal pain as a local anesthetic is applied to numb the skin prior to treatment. As the laser energy is delivered to the skin, there may be a slight stinging sensation similar to a hot rubber band snapping the skin.

How long does the procedure take?

Procedure times can vary depending on the size and location of the scar. Most small scars take no more than a few minutes to address.

What should I expect after a SCAAR FX treatment?

SCAAR FX treatments have minimal downtime. After the procedure, most patients experience mild to moderate redness and swelling that resolve on their own without intervention. The area is typically kept covered with an occlusive ointment for approximately 5 days to aid in healing.

Additional SCAAR FX Information