6 Simple Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Written by WD Staff, Skin Care Specialists on August 15, 2014 3 Comments

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Everyday our feet are exposed to a large amount of near continuous pounding pressure. Normal walking, physical activity at the gym or just being crammed into high heels definitely takes a toll. It’s no wonder why the foot tends to be the part of the body that is most likely to succumb to injury.

Maintaining healthy feet does not require pricey spa treatments (although a splurge every so often is definitely worth it). Just spend a couple of minutes each day implementing the below tips and your feet will look and feel amazing.

Wash Daily

Wash your feet thoroughly every day. It’s best to use a washcloth which will allow you to cover the entire surface area (including between your toes). Make sure to get the entire foot including the bottoms. Once your washing is complete also make sure to completely dry the feet. Regular washing will decrease the likelihood of contracting athlete’s foot, fungus, bacteria, and odor among other common foot related issues.”


Periodically give your feet a nice soak in warm (not hot) water. You can add a little liquid soap which can often help soften the skin.


Use a high quality moisturizer daily (and multiple times per day during the winter season). Moisturizing will help prevent the feet from cracking, which is great for appearance as well as the prevention of contracting issues like plantar warts.

Change shoes and socks often

Want to avoid foot odor and infections? An easy way is to change both your shoes and socks multiple times each day. This allows your feet to stay within a clean and dry environment.

Be cautious when getting a pedicure

A common place where infections occur is at the salon. Always go to a provider that is reputable and follows care in keeping the tubs and instruments sanitary.

Get good shoes

  • Flip-flops and flats provide little to no arch support and should be worn sparingly. A prolonged lack of arch support can result in the development of “flat feet”
  • Overly tight shoes can cause painful growths while distorting toe shape
  • High heels often cause pain to the Achilles tendon area, its advised to alternate heel length or stay below two inches
  • Older women (who typically lose fat cushioning on the bottoms of their feet) and women who are pregnant need shoes that have advanced arch support, broad heels, and good shock absorbency.

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3 Responses to “6 Simple Ways to Treat Your Feet Right”

  1. Avatar Larry says:

    Thanks for the tip to moisturize your feet daily. My feet have been having trouble with dry skin and calluses. Maybe seeing a podiatrist should be something I do to take care of my feet as well.

  2. Avatar Caden says:

    I always try to take the best care of my feet. Now the toes on my left foot are in a bit worse condition than my right. I’m going to try getting new and good shoes, as you did say here, before I contemplate going in for surgery.

  3. Avatar Ridley says:

    you’ve got great tips for taking care of your feet. I like how you said that buying the right shoes is super important. I’ve been experiencing some foot pain recently, so I’ll have to get shoes that don’t aren’t too tight or that don’t offer any support.

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