7 Body Contouring Myths Debunked

Written by Trudi Bonomi on July 8, 2014 3 Comments

body contouring myths

Body Contouring is an exciting and rapidly changing segment within the field of plastic surgery; with several recently developed techniques including smartlipo and thermage enabling patients to smooth, tone, and tighten their bodies. However there are seven common myths many prospective patients have when it comes to body contouring:

1. Liposuction is equivalent to regular weight loss

In reality, liposuction is not an alternative to weight loss. In fact, ideal patients for many body contouring procedures are individuals of have attained and maintain a healthy body weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise. Liposuction procedures are ideal for minimizing fat in isolated areas that is resistant to traditional weight loss. It is not an effective procedure to deal with obesity, loose skin, or intra-abdominal fat (visceral fat).

2. Body contouring is painful

Not always. In today’s market there are a number of non-surgical body contouring treatments that feature little to no pain. CoolSculpting is a highly effective yet minimally painful fat removal treatment with no downtime required.

3. Body contouring gets rid of cellulite forever

Unfortunately, this statement is false. Cellulite stems from fibrous connective tissue just under the skin and is not specifically the result of excess fat. In some instances liposuction can accentuate the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can be effectively treated using Avéli. Some patients undergo a combination of SmartLipo and Avéli in order to contour their body and reduce cellulite.

4. Body contouring prevents weight gain.

Body contouring procedures do not prevent people from gaining weight post procedure. Rather the focus of body contouring is to redefine and reshape the body. While treatments remove or shrink fat cells in a targeted area, the remaining cells can enlarge with weight gain. In order to maintain results, body sculpting patients should follow a healthy exercise and eating regiment.

5. Body contouring results are temporary

The longevity of results varies from patient to patient, with lifestyle variables determining how long results can be seen. Patients who maintain their diet and exercise programs after CoolScultping or SmartLipo will continue to enjoy results long after their treatment.

6. Non-surgical procedures are ineffective

This is completely untrue. While there might be differences in how the treatment is performed and how many treatments are required, there are many beneficial non-surgical treatments that yield real results. Many non-surgical treatments have undergone years of study to document their results. There are many different non-surgical procedures currently on the market and new treatments popping up all the time. It is important to do your research on these technologies before proceeding with any treatment(s). It is also equally important to remember that diet and exercise plays a big role in maximizing the results.

7. Body contouring is expensive

There is a variety of different types of contouring procedures available, each with its own cost. Ultimately, though, treatment costs will depend on the size of the area being treated, the number of sessions needed, and the type of results you are looking for. There are affordable treatment options as well as several financing options.


Trudi Bonomi

Trudi Bonomi is a Cosmetic Consultant with Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery. She has been with the practice since 2007. Trudi provides personal consultations with patients regarding breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, and many other plastic surgery and laser procedures.

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  1. Avatar Burt says:

    I have a friend that is looking into body contouring. She’s tried all kinds of things to lose weight and it’s been very difficult for her. I’ll have to pass these great tips on to her and hopefully, she can find something that works for her! Thanks for this information!

  2. Avatar Allisaon says:

    You must maintain your weight through diet and exercise to see results long after lipo! I can attest, I slipped up and had to go under again 🙁

  3. Avatar Vivian says:

    Makes sense that weight gain can negate the results of body contouring. Great point, something I have to keep in mind if I move forward!

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