7 Foods for Beautiful Skin in the Winter

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Wintertime has the tendency to cause increased dryness and irritation to the skin. It is possible, however, to fight against the cold by eating the right foods. These 7 “winter super foods” will give you a boost in essential nutrients to keep your skin looking its best all winter long.


Green leafy vegetables are great for skin health, and spinach is on the top of the list. Loaded with vitamins (A, C, E, and K) and other nutrients, eating lots of spinach during the winter can help protect your skin. The amazing antioxidants in spinach can help to even out your complexion, making your skin look radiant.


Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C, which is important for collagen production (and we all know how important collagen is). Not only does grapefruit make a great breakfast, it also has the highest concentration of vitamin C of all the citrus fruits. Grapefruit has been known to flush toxins out of the body, leading to healthier skin.


Soybeans, also known as edamame, are full of health benefits: they contain protein, vitamin C, iron and calcium. In terms of skin health, soybeans contain high levels of isoflavones, a plant estrogen that improves the firmness of skin.

Green Tea

No more soda: try green tea (hot or iced) instead! Green tea has been shown to help fight fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the skin’s elasticity and moisture content.

Tuna (ahi)

Tuna is densely packed with B vitamins which is great for maintaining optimal skin health. The high omega-3 count in tuna helps reduce inflammation and protect the skin from sunburn and skin cancer.


This beta-carotene rich vegetable actually converts to vitamin A in the body, helping to keep the skin looking healthy and vibrant. Carrots also contain beta carotene and lycopene, which can help shield the skin from UV damage.


Broccoli, a cruciferous veggie, is high in several antioxidants including vitamins C and E. The vitamin C in broccoli aids in collagen production and keeps your skin healthy and supple, while vitamin E protects your skin cell membranes and guards against UV radiation damage.


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