The Benefits Undergoing Plastic Surgery In The Winter

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winter plastic surgery

When considering plastic surgery most people focus on the end result, visualizing how they will look in a bikini or tank top during the summer months. However, for this summertime reveal to happen the procedure must take place months earlier. Planning, treatment and the recovery process all take time, which is why the best time of year to schedule a cosmetic surgery procedure is during the fall and winter months.

Winter: The Best Season For Plastic Surgery

The benefits of undergoing plastic surgery during the winter include simple convenience, a lower risk of swelling and scarring, and the ability to completely recovery by spring or summer:

Minimized Swelling

Swelling is an issue after any surgical procedure. Swelling is at its worst in the few days after surgery and typically begins to dissipate after the first week. Depending on the procedure, a complete reduction of swelling can take several months.

Hot and humid weather might make swelling worse due to the dilation of blood vessels in the heat. Plastic surgery during the cool, dry months, may help swelling subside more quickly.

Reduced Risk of Scarring

Some scarring is inevitable with any cosmetic surgery procedure. Scars appear darkest, raised and swollen as they are first beginning to heal. It can take several months for scars to fade and smooth.

Exposure to sun may prevent scars from healing properly, leading to permanent discoloration. Winter cosmetic surgery keeps scars out of the sun during the most crucial stage of the healing process.

A Convenient Time to Rest

Recovering from cosmetic surgery may require you to take time off from work or other activities. The winter holidays can make it more convenient to disappear between November and January. Many businesses expect employees to be out of the office during this time of year, so many people find it easier to take a week or two off work during the winter.

In addition, staying indoors during the winter months is a perfectly reasonable way to spend your time. Most people are naturally less active during the winter, and enjoy restful, indoor activities that make at-home recovery more enjoyable.

Bundling Up Benefits (Easier Camouflage)

Many people are initially embarrassed by the swelling, redness, sutures, bruising or bandages that are unavoidable after surgery. During the winter months, covering up is much easier, as bulky clothing, long sleeves, and scarves are typical cold-weather clothing.

Loose fitting clothing also makes compression garments easier to conceal, while the cooler weather makes them far easier to wear as recommended.

Limited Sun Exposure

Even just 20 minutes of exposure to UV light can put scars at risk for improper healing. Sun damage leads to discoloration, and might prevent scars from smoothing as intended. During the winter months, it’s much easier to remain indoors and out of the sun during the riskiest, sunniest parts of the day. May parts of the country also have lower UV intensity during the winter months. However, its always advisable to wear a broad-spectrum high SPF sunscreen every day, no matter what the season, to protect your skin

Summer Reveal

The greatest benefit of scheduling winter cosmetic surgery, especially treatments like liposuction, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck surgery, is that you’ll be ready to reveal your new look by the spring or summer.

Warmer months and longer days make spring and summer the ideal time for outdoor weddings and other events. Vacations to warm destinations are far more likely in the summer, as is the chance you’ll be wearing a bikini. Outdoor activities encourage more revealing clothing, more sun exposure and physical activity.

Schedule your cosmetic procedure during the winter months, and you’ll be ready to partake in summer fun without skipping a beat.

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