The Most Searched Plastic Surgery Procedures In Each State (2017)

Written by WD Staff, Skin Care Specialists on March 23, 2017 One Comment

most searched plastic surgery procedures

Wondering what plastic surgery procedures your neighbors are considering? You’re not alone. Recently, The Plastic Surgery Portal released an interesting study that uses Google search volume data in order to determine the most searched cosmetic procedures by state.

Here’s the full map

The map is an interesting way to see major differences in the way U.S. regions view aesthetics:

Western Cost: In the western U.S., bigger is better! Breast augmentation dominated searches in California and Washington while plumper lips are sought after in Nevada and Arizona. The lone deviation: Oregon, which was most interested in laser hair removal.

Midwest: According to the survey, penile enlargement procedures was the most searched procedure among central states including Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. The states of Hawaii and Alaska also shared that concern.

South: Liposuction was the most searched procedure for nearly the entire southern U.S. (we can confirm that there is ample interest in liposuction procedures here in Austin). Only the state of Arkansas was more interested in an alternate procedure – breast implants.

East Cost: Eastern U.S. states were split between liposuction (Vermont, New York, Delaware), laser hair removal (Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts), and breast implants (Maine and Vermont).


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