A Plastic Surgeon Reviews the Newest Plastic Surgery Simulator App

Written by WD Staff, Skin Care Specialists on November 25, 2013 2 Comments

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One of my patients recently asked my opinion on the usefulness of plastic surgery mobile apps that allow users to “try on” plastic surgery pictures by altering their image. The question intrigued me to the point of wanting to do a full scale investigation.

There were quite a few to choose from, but I settled on Plastic Surgery Simulator, as it is one of the hottest plastic surgery simulator apps out today. The app makers claimed their app is used by “real plastic surgeons” piqued my interest. Here is a preview video of the app:



After a little time playing around with app here are my thoughts:

Simple and Intuitive To Use

A clean design and intuitive user interface makes this app very easy to use. You can take a fresh headshot, body picture, or upload an image from your library. Then use your fingertips to smooth out any unwanted bumps, and even make yourself slimmer. When you’ve finished editing your appearance, you can save your final image, and if you’re feeling brave, share it with friends on social networks.

Great Humor Value

There’s a lot of fun to be had wasting time with this app. You can use it to create your dream body, play around with your appearance, and do crazy things to your facial features. I played a joke on a colleague, by taking his picture when he wasn’t looking, using the app to stretch his nose until it was extremely long, and then emailing him the photograph. It’s also great fun to publish pictures to Facebook, and pretend they are real to see what reaction you get.

An Improvement on Previous Apps

The Plastic Surgery Simulator is an improvement on previous simulator apps, as it provides the most lifelike results. The image quality is good, and there are plenty of options available to alter your appearance. If edited with care, some of the altered images look very real.

Overall Conclusion: A Great App for Entertainment

After testing the app my recommendation is that this app is for entertainment purposes only. The app maker’s disclaimer says:

“There can be a huge difference between what can be achieved in the context of a real plastic surgery, and on this computer simulation tool. Only a real, certified surgeon will be able to assess what is realistically achievable. Always ask a certified plastic surgeon about possibilities, risks and financial cost of plastic surgery procedures.”

There is a risk that the app could create unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved by plastic surgery in real life. Use the app for fun but take the results with a grain of salt, they are no match for a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon that will be able to discuss in more detail what results you can realistically expect.

Have you tried the Plastic Surgery Simulator app (or any different simulators)? Leave a comment below to tell us your thoughts!

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  1. Avatar Caleb says:

    This is a great way to actually see the effects of a procedure and improve results.

  2. Avatar James R. says:

    just tried the app, its pretty fun.

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