3 Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures to Enhance the Nipples

Written by Chuma Chike-Obi, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on November 12, 2018 No Comments


Many women notice unwanted changes in the positioning or size of their nipples as normal aging and life occurrences such as motherhood can alter their image. There are several different cosmetic procedures performed to enhance the nipple appearance. These procedures can be performed separately or in conjunction with breast augmentation or breast lift surgery.

Overly Enlarged Nipples

enlarged nipples


Overly enlarged nipples (called hypertrophic nipples) can occur from natural breast development or can be the result of breast feeding. Though it is normal, many women with large nipples can feel uneasy about their appearance. It’s common for patients with hypertrophic nipples to cite discomfort and chafing of the nipples with clothes.

Nipple reduction surgery can be performed to reduce the size of one or both nipples. The procedure involves the removal of excess nipple tissue through small incisions that will allow your surgeon to change both the length of the nipple and/or the diameter of the areola. Nipple reduction surgery is relatively simple procedure that yields instant, positive results.

Inverted Nipples

inverted nipple


Inverted nipples (or retracted nipples) is a condition where the nipples lack a normal protrusion from the skin. Instead the nipple withdraws below the surface of the skin leaving the appearance of an indentation in the middle of the areola. Inverted nipples are often present in early childhood and can further develop during adolescence. The severity of nipple inversion can range from mild (where the nipples protrude with stimulation) to severe (where the nipple can not be made to protrude manually).

Nipple inversion can be corrected by surgically releasing attachments between tissues below the nipple. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and produces immediate results. However, correcting nipple inversion may require incisions through the milk ducts, potentially hindering future breastfeeding.

Supernumerary nipples

supernumerary nipple


A supernumerary nipple, often called a third nipple, is the development of an additional nipple (either extra breast tissue or pigmented areolas). Supernumerary nipples typically develop along the chest and abdomen or around the sides of the armpit. It’s estimated that up to 5% of  people worldwide have a third nipple. While treatment is not necessary, the appearance of ta third nipple may be embarrassing for many people. The removal of supernumerary nipples is possible through a simple surgical excision.

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