Study Seeks To Determine The Perfect Breasts

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The September issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) featured an interesting study conducted by plastic surgeons in the U.K. The study analyzed a demographically diversified sample of respondents in an attempt to determine the aesthetics of “the perfect breast”.

About The Study

Researchers polled subjects through surveys in order to get their opinions regarding the aesthetic ideal of the breast. The surveys presented augmented photos of four women with varying breast sizes. Each photo was augmented by researchers using Photoshop to create multiple variations in order to show different proportions of the breast based on the upper to lower pole ratio. Each woman was shown with breast pole ratios of  35:65, 45:55, 50:50, and 55:45 (*note that nipple level marked the dividing line between upper and lower pole so a 35:65 ratio means 35% of the breast is above the nipple and 65% of the breast is below).

A group of 1,315 respondents (655 men and 660 women), including 53 plastic surgeons, ranked the photos in regards to “overall attractiveness”. The study then compared results amongst different demographic segments including gender, race, age, and national origin.

Interesting Results

The majority of respondents agreed on the pole ratio of 44:55 as being the most aesthetically pleasing with 82% of women, 90% of men, and 94% of plastic surgeons responders selecting that ratio. Across all groups the 50:50 ratio was the second most popular choice.

The results of the study bring a number of interesting things to light:

  • The study disproves the assumption that males prefer a more “fake” or “overfilled” look as the 45:55 variation tends to look the most natural.
  • The study showed a variance in women with regard to age with 86% of women in their 30’s preferred the 45:55 ratio, compared to 70% of women age 40 or older. This preference could possibly be attributed to the mature group’s desire for more upper pole fullness (from a loss of upper breast tissue due to natural aging).
  • The 45:55 ratio was selected by the majority of respondents from each continent of origin and ethnicity; showing a unified viewpoint of breast aesthetics.


With the vast proportion of subjects across all demographics selecting the 45:55 pole ratio it may be presumed as the most aesthetically pleasing option. While the ratio could form a template for the ideal result for breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction procedures, breast surgery patients (along with advice from their plastic surgeon) should keep their individual body type and desired results in mind when selecting which type of implant to use.

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    Hey, I’m considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery. My problem is about going over muscle as I’m always active meaning that I like to keep fit. Does anybody have any recommendations? I have not seen the surgeon as I am still uncertain about the operation. Thank you

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