Breast Augmentation Using The Keller Funnel

By Chuma Chike-Obi, MD July 11, 2017 No Comments

The Keller Funnel

Breast augmentation has come a long way since the first silicone breast implants were invented and inserted in 1962 in Houston, Texas by Dr. Frank Gerow and Dr. Thomas Cronin. Since that groundbreaking procedure, we’ve experienced several innovations that have allowed us to continually improve the quality of our patients’ results. One of those innovations, the Keller funnel, will be discussed in this piece.

What is the Keller funnel?

The Keller funnel is a brilliantly simple invention that allows for the implantation of silicone gel breast implants using a no-touch technique.  It is basically a cone-shaped sleeve (kind of like a pastry bag) with a slick inner coating that allows the implant to slide in a near friction-less fashion.

(Warning: The video above contains actual procedure footage)

Why is this important?

Before 2009, all breast surgeons struggled to place breast implants through small incisions. You can probably find several YouTube videos demonstrating this.  This approach was problematic for several reasons. First, it prolonged the time of surgery. Second, it was traumatic to the patients’ tissues.  Third, the risk of implant damage increases dramatically. Lastly, and most crucially, the implant’s contact with the skin is high, and this is directly correlated to an increased rate of capsular contracture.  Capsular contracture is a thickening of the usually thin layer of collagen (called a capsule) that forms around all inserted breast implants.

(Image courtesy of Keller Medical Inc.)

Do all plastic surgeons offer the Keller funnel?

Since the benefits of this device are so clearly evident, it is my opinion that all plastic surgeons should incorporate the funnel into their breast augmentation practice. Be sure to ask about this during your consultation. Also, be sure to visit our breast augmentation blog ( for additional information.


Chuma Chike-Obi, MD

Chuma Chike-Obi, MD completed a 6 year residency with the Division of Plastic Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine and Affiliate hospitals in Houston, Texas. Dr. Chike-Obi specializes in cosmetic surgery, including facelift, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and reconstructive breast surgery.

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