9 Common Myths About Breast Augmentation Debunked!

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breast augmentation myths

Breast Augmentation Is Simple

Good breast augmentation is part art and part science. While the actual surgical techniques are pretty straight forward, only a well-trained cosmetic surgeon with years of experience will be able to create beautiful and natural appearing results.

All Augmented Breasts Look Fake

While breast augmentation trends in the 90’s emphasized a more augmented look, current trends lean toward a natural aesthetic. The combination of technique enhancements along with new implant materials and designs can allow for a skilled plastic surgeon to create enhanced breasts that look and feel natural.

Implants Provide Built-In Support

There’s been some speculation that placing an implant under the muscle can help support the breasts and limit future aging-related sagginess. Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim.

Implants Are Unsafe

All medical device manufactures who sell breast implants for use in the United States are subject to oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As such, each implant is manufactured and tested in accordance with safety standards outlined by the federal government.

Implants are very strong and durable, with the chance of a rupture being minimal. Recent studies have estimated the rupture rate for traditional silicone implants to be around 2% at 5 years from surgery, to between 7% and 15% at 10 years from surgery.

Only Large Implants Are Used

Some people instantly associate breast enhancement with large, bra-breaking breasts. However, plastic surgeons nationwide are seeing more patients opt for smaller implants that create a more natural, proportionate appearing chest.

Breast Augmentation Can Reverse Sagging

Whether through natural aging or childbirth, many women experience issues with their breasts appearing droopy or deflated. Most patients seeking to counteract any form of sagging of the breasts will require a breast lift procedure, which can be combined with implants to also increase overall breast volume as desired.  However, breast implants alone do not address these types of issues.

Implants Last Forever

Breast implants, like other medical implantation devices are prone to failure at some point over their lifetime. Many manufacturers recommend replacing implants around the 10-year mark. However, many plastic surgeons think replacement is unnecessary as long as the implants are intact and the patient is happy with their breasts. It is best to seek advice from your physician.

Results Are Instant

In the days immediately following an augmentation procedure the breasts are typically swollen and can feel hard to the touch. Additionally it’s common for the implants to sit higher on the chest until they settle into their final position after several weeks.

The final results of a breast augmentation are usually apparent about a month or so after the procedure, when the breasts have fully healed.

Breast Augmentation Is Painful

The recovery process can differ greatly from one patient to another, with many patients feeling little to no pain after their procedure. Discomfort can be managed using prescribed painkillers and most patients recover within 2 weeks. See our recent blog post on recovering from breast augmentation.


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