Breast Implant Profiles: Low Profile vs. Moderate Profile vs. High Profile

Written by Chuma Chike-Obi, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on July 31, 2018 No Comments

types of breast implant profiles

Advancements in breast implant technology has allowed current breast augmentation procedures to be safer and provide better results from augmentation procedures of yesteryear. The consequence of these advancements: patients (and their surgeons) must choose from a vast array of options to find the best implant to use for the procedure. Patients must decide on implant size, implant substance (i.e. silicone vs. saline), and implant shape. Surgeons have additional considerations including implant placement and where to place the incisions. All of these decisions have an impact on the final result of the procedure as well as the recovery process.

One of the most overlooked variables of implant options is the profile of the implant. If you’re currently considering breast augmentation, here’s everything to know about breast implant profiles:

What are Breast Implant Profiles?

Breast implant profiles affect how far the implant will project forward (away) from the chest. When comparing two breast implants of the same size (i.e. ‘cc’ or volume), the implant with a wider base provides a lower projection (that is it has a lower profile) compared to an implant with a narrower base. Higher profile implants can provide a more dramatic end result whereas lower profile implants tend to yield a more natural result.

diagram breast implant profiles
Source: Breast Implant Advice

What types of implant profiles are available?

Today’s breast implants come in a variety of profiles, the most popular of which include moderate profile, moderate plus profile, and high profile. Keep in mind that these terms can differ depending on the breast implant manufacturer. Here’s a brief look at each of these types:

Low Profile Implants: Implants with a low profile are the widest and provide minimal projection. They are relatively flat in appearance but often provide more cleavage than higher profile implants. Low profile implants are often ideal for women with wider chests who seek a more natural end result. I rarely offer these to my breast augmentation patients.

Moderate-Plus Profile Implants: Implants with a moderate profile are a great compromise between moderate and high profiles, providing a great balance between cleavage and volume. They are wider than high profile implants yet narrower compared to low profile implants. This profile type is often recommended for patients with a narrower chest or medium-sized frame.

High Profile Implants: This profile type provides the greatest amount of projection resulting in the most dramatic outcomes (fullest and most rounded breasts). While high profile implants can yield less natural-looking results for most patients, women who are petite (smaller body frames) or have narrower rib cages and/or more natural breast tissue can still achieve a natural appearing silhouette.

Which implant profile type is best?

The “ideal” breast implant profile will vary from patient to patient based on a combination of the patient’s natural body characteristics and their desired end result. We encourage each patient to envision what their ideal breasts look like. Specifically, patients should decide if they want a more natural enhancement or a look that is fuller and more prominent. With these goals firmly determined an experienced plastic surgeon can recommend the best breast implant profile to achieve that look given the patient’s current proportions.

Chuma Chike-Obi, MD

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