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plastic surgery by age

The demand for plastic surgery in the United States continued to grow at a fast pace, with over 1.7 million surgical procedures performed in 2016. While the choice to undergo plastic surgery is extremely personal and patient-specific, data reports compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shed some light on some interesting trends.

Of all the statistics captured by the ASPS, one of the most interesting reports they publish is procedures performed by patient age. This gives a clear look at which procedures are most popular by certain age ranges.

Age 13-19

The most popular plastic surgery procedure for teenage patients is rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), with over 31,000 procedures performed in 2016.

Rhinoplasty is popular with this age group due to one important factor: the structure and shape of the nose is fully formed by the teenage years and will not change due to puberty. Teens are often encouraged to hold off on cosmetically addressing other areas of the body as they are still developing and may change dramatically during the adolescent period.

Age 20 -29

Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure for this age group, with over 82,0000 procedures performed in 2016.

Many women in this age group may become concerned about the appearance of their breasts, especially after they experience changes stemming from a pregnancy or normal weight fluctuations. Women in this group are typically young and healthy with fully developed breasts, making them ideal candidates for the procedure.

Age 30 -39

While breast augmentation remains the most popular within this age group, there is a significant surge in demand for body contouring procedures including liposuction (over 79,000 procedures in 2016) and tummy tuck surgery (over 45,000 procedures in 2016). This is due to the normal reduction in metabolism, as well as the development of new fat deposits around the stomach, hips, and butt, and thighs.

Age 40-54

This age group experiences a significant gain in the demand for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), with nearly 90,000 procedures performed in 2016.

Men and women in this group often notices increasing signs of facial aging, especially around the eyes. Many notice drooping or sagging of the eyelids, resulting in a permanent sad or tired appearance. These patients are ideal candidates for eyelid surgery.

Age 55+

Along with eyelid surgery, individuals in this age segment have a heightened demand for facelift surgery (rhytidectomy), with over 85,000 procedures performed in 2016.

Many people in this demographic exhibit the advanced symptoms of facial aging including deep wrinkles, deflated cheeks, sagging of the neck, and the formation of jowls. Facelift surgery can be performed to make the face and neck area tighter and youthful looking.

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