Botox vs. Daxxify: What’s The Difference?

Written by Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, MD on April 19, 2023 2 Comments

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About Daxxify

DaxxifyTM is the brand name for DaxibotulinumToxinA, a new injectable treatment that is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Very similar to other neuromodulators like Botox®, Dysport®, Jeuveau®, or Xeomin®, Daxxify is a 100% non-surgical treatment that provides relatively immediate, yet temporary, results. Daxxify is FDA approved to address glabellar lines (better known as frown lines, or “elevens”), which are the vertical lines between the eyebrows that occur when the muscles in the area contract. Glabellar lines occur when one frowns or squints but overtime the lines and wrinkles can become permanent at rest.

Daxxify Results

Daxxify has the ability to dramatically reduce even the most severe lines and wrinkles. Upon injection, users can expect dramatic improvement in the treatment area creating a smooth and more youthful appearance.

While Daxxify results are dramatic, they are not permanent. Patients can expect to enjoy the results of Daxxify for 6 to 9 months. These results can be maintained for longer periods with periodic “maintenance” treatments. Result duration for Daxxify is typically twice as long as Botox and other toxin-based injectables.

How Daxxify works

Daxxify is a type of a “neuromodulator” that works by relaxing the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles when they contract. When Daxxify is injected into targeted muscles it works to temporarily block the nerve signals that are responsible for making muscles contract. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines along the treatment area.

About Botox

Botox (Botulinum Toxin Type A) is one of the best-known injectable neurotoxins on the market today. Botox is a drug that is created from a purified toxin product of the Clostridium botulinum bacterium, the same toxin that can cause a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. The bacteria itself is NOT injected and therefore cannot replicate in the treated muscles and as a result it will NOT cause botulism. In tiny doses, this toxin can be used for various medical purposes including wrinkle reduction, treating unwanted sweating (hyperhidrosis), headaches and muscle spasms, and has even shown to reduce depression when injected into certain facial areas. Botox is FDA approved to address many different types of facial wrinkles including forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines, to name a few.

Botox Results

Botox was a game changer when it was widely released in 2002 in the U.S. and is still the leader in wrinkle reduction. It was one of the first non-surgical options that could effectively and safely reduce the appearance of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles. Like Daxxify, Botox provides temporary results that typically last for 3-4 months after injection.

How Botox works

Like Daxxify, Botox works by blocking nerve signals that cause muscles to relax. As the muscles relax, they become “frozen” or “relaxed” and the appearance of the frown line or wrinkle is diminished. Botox and like products are administered by health professionals in the form of an injection. Usually, several injections are given during a treatment to account for different parts of the face.

Daxxify vs. Botox: Key Differences

Daxxify and Botox are similar in both how they work and the results they provide. Both treatments are neuromodulators that work by relaxing targeted muscles that cause wrinkles when they contract. Both treatments are also extremely effective at addressing even the most severe aging symptoms.

However, there are a few key differences between Botox and Daxxify:

Result Duration

The main difference between the treatments is how long they provide results. Daxxify results last longer than Botox, typically 2-3 times longer than Botox and other neurotoxins. Daxxify patients can expect to stay wrinkle free 6-9 months, whereas Botox tends to only last for 3-4 months. The reason Daxxify is able to last longer is due to its unique formulation: Daxxify combines its toxin with a unique protein that lengthens the toxin’s effects. This protein is absent in Botox.

Since the results that Daxxify generates last longer, patients do not have to undergo as many maintenance treatment sessions to maintain their results.

Wrinkles Each Can Address

There are also some big differences in the type of wrinkles each option can treat. Botox is currently FDA approved to treat a variety of lines and wrinkles including the glabella (frown lines), forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Currently, Daxxify is only FDA-approved for glabellar lines.

Until Differences

Daxxify and Botox have different formulations and are both completely different medications, despite being in the same class of drug – neuromodulators. Both treatments are designed to achieve muscle relaxation by blocking nerve signals. However, this doesn’t mean that the two medications are interchangeable or that their doses are either. The recommended minimum dose of Botox for glabellar lines is 20 units and the minimum dose of units for Daxxify is 40 units.

Length of time on market

Daxxify is a newcomer to marketing as it was approved by the FDA in 2022. Botox, on the other hand, has been approved since 2002 and has been widely used around the world to help people reduce their wrinkles for the last twenty years. While Daxxify is newer, the added benefit of longer results has already allowed it to gain market share on Botox.


On a per-unit basis, the cost of Daxxify is typically more than Botox. This is because Daxxify provides significantly longer-lasting results. However, because patients only need to get 2 treatments per year with Daxxify as opposed to 4 with Botox, Daxxify may actually be the less expensive option over the long-run. In other words, patients can save money with Daxxify because they do not have to go in and get maintenance treatments as frequently. Practitioners will also use fewer needles, syringes, and other related resources for these patient treatments over time, which also reduces environmental waste.


The bottom line is that both Botox and Daxxify are great options when it comes to non-surgical wrinkle reduction. Both treatments are safe and highly effective, with the ability to lessen and often erase even the most severe wrinkles without surgery. The results of Daxxify do last longer, yet Botox has the ability to address some wrinkles that Daxxify currently cannot on label. We encourage all readers to discuss both treatment options with a skilled and knowledgeable injector!

Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, MD

Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, MD, FAAD is a Board Certified Dermatologist and is recognized as a Texas Monthly Super Doctors Rising Star. She has years of experience in medical dermatology, skin cancer, procedural and cosmetic dermatology, treating patients of all ages and skin types. Dr. Hunter-Ellul has served on several committees for the American Academy of Dermatology, Texas Dermatological Society, and was the Physician Editor for the AAD Directions in Residency Newsletter.

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