Mohs Surgery: A Behind The Scenes Look

Written by WD Staff, Skin Care Specialists on January 9, 2018 One Comment

mohs surgery

Mohs surgery is an effective treatment for skin cancers with a cure rate of up to 99% for certain cancers. The procedure combines the surgical removal of the tumor with an immediate microscopic examination of the tumor and underlying diseased tissue to ensure complete removal. It minimizes the scar since it allows for the physician to remove only the affected tissue and avoid having to remove the surrounding healthy tissue.

The video below provides a behind the scenes look at Mohs micrographic surgery.

Video Transcription

Welcome to Westlake Dermatology, my name is Dr. Hubert Chodkiewicz and I’m a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Fellowship Trained MOHS Surgeon. Today we’ll be taking a behind the scenes look at the MOHS surgery process.

I start the Mohs procedure by identifying the area of concern. The tumor is then surgically excised with a narrow margin and taken to the lab.

In the lab, it is critical to mark or map the tissue in a way for me to go back to the patient, if needed, to target additional areas where excision is necessary. The process is very similar to notating distinctive markers on a map, it’s the exact same philosophy here with the Mohs surgery.

I’ll mark specific areas on the tissue to provide as markers. Here you see me marking the tissue as a reference guide. The tissue is then given to my histotechnician who freezes the tissue, cuts it in very small (micrometer size) pieces, and finally stains the tissue for me to see under the microscope.

Upon analyzing the samples, I can tell if the margins are clear and the patient can be repaired or if an additional layer needs to be excised due to remaining skin cancer.

Thank you for watching this behind the scenes look at Mohs surgery. Please visit our Mohs surgery page for more information!


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