5 Great Scar Removal Options

Written by Gregory Nikolaidis, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist on April 3, 2014 8 Comments

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The skin serves as the body’s barrier to the outside environment. When damaged, the body’s natural healing process often results in the formation of scars.

For many individuals with noticeable scars that are large in size, raised, colored, and/or located in a commonly exposed area of the body such as the face, arms, or legs, the long-term visual effect of the scar can have a significant emotional or psychological impact.

How Does Scarring Occur?

Scarring is a natural component of the healing process when the dermis layer of the skin is damaged. The body responds by producing collagen which intertwines to form scar tissue. The final appearance of the scar depends on various factors including the size and location of the wound as well as a person’s ethnicity, age, and genetics.

Without scarring many wounds could never fully close. Nearly all wounds to the skin including burns, cuts, or other injuries result in some level of scarring.

Different Types of Scars

  • Keloid Scars: These scars are commonly raised and are most common in people with darker skin. Keloid scars result from an overgrowth of scar tissue beyond the boundary of the original wound. In extreme cases Keloid scarring can effect movement.
  • Hypertrophic Scars: Hypertrophic scars are also raised. However, hypertrophic scars do not exceed the boundaries of the initial wound. These scars are usually red in color.
  • Burn Scar Contracture: In response to a second or third degree burn, the surrounding skin pulls together forming a contracture scar.
  • Acne Scars: Acne scars form as the result of having moderate to severe acne issues. These scars can form even without picking some acne results in permanent scarring. Acne scars can be boxcar shaped, ice pick shaped (deep and narrow pockets), or atrophic (shallow groves).

Available Scar Removal Procedures

While most scars never completely go away, there are several scar removal treatments that can minimize or change the appearance of your scar.

  • SCAAR FX: The SCAAR FX laser is a newly developed laser treatment designed to improve the appearance of thick or raised scars
  • V-Beam: The V-Beam laser removes redness and softens the scar using intense, but gentle bursts of light to the treated area.
  • Fraxel: The Fraxel laser produces a thermal impact on targeted areas to promote the rapid healing of outer skin layers as well as stimulating collagen production resulting in skin improvement.
  • ActiveFX: Like Fraxel, ActiveFX is a fractional resurfacing procedure that utilizes a high-energy beam of laser light to interact with the skin’s surface.
  • Microneedling: Microneedling treatments can be used to break up fibrous scar tissue. Several topical treatments can then be rubbed into the area promoting the growth of new healthy tissue in order to minimize the scar’s appearance.
  • Dermal Fillers: Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are best suited for atrophic, indented, or acne scars by raising the depression. The effect of these treatments are temporary.

Are you interested in minimizing the appearance of a scar? Contact us today for a personalized scar removal treatment plan.

Gregory Nikolaidis, MD

Gregory A. Nikolaidis, MD is a Board Certified Dermatologist. Dr. Nikolaidis serves as a Botox® Cosmetic Black Diamond Level National Education Faculty Member, and he has additionally trained numerous physicians on Sculptra Aesthetic, Radiesse, Restylane, and other non-invasive procedure techniques. He was among the first cosmetic surgeons in the United States to offer Smartlipo laser body contouring.

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    I have had many old and deep scars. After using Dermalmd Serum the visibility of my scars has reduced by 75% in 4 months. I hope soon will clear all.

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    Micro-needling was so.. so good for me, me scars dont exist… anymore.. Micro-needling for 2 times, in 5 months

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    A scar can come in any shape and size. It is something that nobody would like to show off. To get rid of scars, you can use scar creams that contain silicone or alpha hydroxy acids. You can depend on the proven medical treatments like- laser treatment and dermabrasion. You can use lemon juice, honey, onion extract, and aloe vera gel to remove scars naturally. Still, I would suggest you- better you consult a warranted doctor to get the best recommendation for the removal of the scar.

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