Analysis: The Average Cost of Popular Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

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average costs non-surgical cosmetic treatments

How much does Botox cost? What about chemical peels or laser resurfacing?

If you are currently researching non-surgical cosmetic procedures, you may run into difficulty determining the cost of your desired treatment. Most businesses do not post prices online for procedures because of extreme variability: the total cost of each individual’s non-surgical procedure may differ greatly based on their specific needs and desired results. Often, the only way to find out exactly how much your procedure will cost is to have an in-person consultation.

However, we understand the need to understand an approximate cost especially when in the early stages of deciding if a procedure is right for you. To provide a basic idea, we have compiled the average national cost of today’s hottest non-surgical cosmetic procedures for reference with the help of RealSelf.

Average national costs of popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures is an online resource that allows users to share their personal experiences about undergoing both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Physicians who are registered with the site are able to post responses. A common question that many users post is in regard to pricing. Many cosmetic surgery patients across the U.S. post the final costs of their surgery which RealSelf aggregates to display averages.

Here are the average national costs of the most popular non-surgical procedures (data updated on July 10, 2018). Note all procedure costs are reported directly from RealSelf users:

Procedure RealSelf Price
Botox $550
Cellulaze $5,800
Chemical Peel $400
CoolSculpting $2,400
Dysport $450
Facial $1,425
Femtouch $1,775
Fraxel $1,625
Hydrafacial $150
IPL Photofacial $625
Juvederm $750
Kybella $1,375
Laser Hair Removal $925
Laser Skin Resurfacing $2,175
Laser Tattoo Removal $1,225
Liquid Rhinoplasty $1,025
Microblading $425
Microdermabrasion $175
Microneedling $625
miraDry $2,300
PRP for hair loss $2,050
Radiesse $950
Restylane $750
Sculptra $1,925
Thermage $2,475
Ultherapy $2,675
Voluma $1,500
Xeomin $450

Important considerations

The final cost of your procedure may be impacted by a variety of considerations including:

  • Provider experience (more experienced providers often charge higher fees)
  • Provider credentials (physicians often charge a higher fee for treatments than mid-level providers or med-spas due to their higher level of training and knowledge)
  • Geographic location
  • For injectables, the amount (quantity) of filler or neurotoxin needed
  • For laser treatments, the location and size of the area treated
  • Follow up appointments (as needed)
  • Discounts or specials offered


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