How Long Does Microblading Last?

Written by Savannah Cohen, Licensed Aesthetician on July 27, 2018 10 Comments

how long does microblading last

Microblading is a great treatment option for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows. It’s a non-invasive procedure that has the ability to improve both the thickness and shape of the brows. Using fine hair like “strokes” The final result of microblading looks completely natural.

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, the effects of microblading are not permanent. This post will discuss how long microblading results last, along with some easy tips on extending results.

A Semi-Permanent Result

While microblading results are long lasting, its important for patients to understand that microblading is a semi-permanent option. This means that results typically last between 6 months to a year depending on how well you take care of them; your skin type (with oilier skin types  the ink will fade faster), and certain medications you may be on (thyroid medications tend to make the pigment fade faster as well). The microblading pigment is designed to eventually fade away, first into lighter versions of the color used before fully clearing away from the skin.

Tips: How To Make Microblading Results Last Longer

There are several things that patients can do to keep their results for longer. Here are 3 simple tips for maintaining your microblading result over the long haul.

Proper Aftercare

One of the most common ways patients sabotage their microblading results is to not follow proper post-procedure care. To ensure your brows properly heal:

  • Avoid sun exposure while healing.
  • For the first 10 days post-treatment, no heavy working out or swimming
  • Attend your “touch up” treatment (usually within 6 weeks of your initial visit).
  • Refrain from wearing makeup over the brows until cleared by your provider.
  • Continue waxing every 6-8 weeks to maintain eyebrow shape.

Lifestyle Habits

It’s no coincidence that patients who lead healthier lifestyles often retain the results of microblading the longest. Healthier skin is better able to absorb and retain the pigment used. Patients who want to extend their results should eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water, consider using vitamin supplements, follow a daily skincare regimen to take care of their skin, and avoid heavy alcohol consumption. Smoking cigarettes is also costly as the act both restricts pigment absorption and encourages early fading.

Maintenance Treatments

Any patient who wants to keep their results over the long run can come in for periodic “touch up” treatments. These maintenance treatments are often shorter and less costly compared to your initial treatment as your provider just works to “spruce up” their initial work.

Maintenance treatments can be very beneficial as they allow patients the ability to request any changes to their brow to change their appearance or keep up with current trends. For example, patients can change their brow color (to complement a different hair color) or even alter the shape of their eyebrow to counteract aging.


Savannah Cohen

Savannah Cohen is a Microblading Specialist. She received her education through Brow Design International of Houston as well as the prestigious Sauler Institute of Tattooing at Penn Medical School in Philadelphia. Savannah sees patients at our Westlake, Marble Falls, and Lamar Central locations.

10 Responses to “How Long Does Microblading Last?”

  1. Avatar Rakesh says:

    It’s a bummer that microblading only lasts like 1 year 🙁

    • WD Staff WD Staff says:

      Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for reading our post and submitting your comment!

      We think its important to keep in mind that “permanent” eyebrow tattooing also does experience fading which can necessitate getting it redone as well.

      The good thing is the treatment can be redone periodically to maintain the results past a year. Microblading can also give you the flexibility to revise your brow style to better match any facial changes over time.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions on Microblading!

      –WD Staff

  2. Avatar Audrey says:

    I am an African American. My facial skin color in medium dark. My face is oily. I am 58, soon to be 59. My brows are almost completely gone. I had surgery around my stomach area in 1988 and I did have some Keloiding that occurred in that area but not other area on my body. The Keloid is flat. I want to know if I would be a candidate in getting microblading. Thanks

    • WD Staff WD Staff says:

      Hi Audrey,

      Thanks for submitting your excellent question. Patients with darker skin tones are still great candidates for microblading. That being said, you would still have to be personally assessed for candidacy before getting the actual treatment. Please feel free to give us a call to scheduler an appointment. We’ll be able to go over exactly what type of results you can expect given those characteristics.

      WD Staff

  3. Avatar Caden says:

    Now this is something that I should show my girlfriend as she is always trying to be on top of make-up related things and looking good. One of the things that I like that you mentioned is that you do have to maintain them in order to keep their appearance. You can’t just have the procedure done and then not do anything. If she does decide to get her eyebrows microbladed, I’ll for sure show her this so she will know what to do.

  4. Avatar Bala says:

    Great article about microblading and how to make esults last longer. thanks for sharing!

  5. Avatar Masu says:

    Great information about Microblading. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Avatar Shaylee says:

    As you mentioned, it is best to avoid sun exposure while you are healing from your microblading. So I imagine its best to do this before the summer months?

    • WD Staff WD Staff says:

      Hi Shaylee,

      It is a good idea to plan on avoiding the sun after undergoing microneedling, but one only needs to avoid the sun while healing (for a few days post treatment). So microblading is still good to do during the summer as long as one avoids the beach or pool for a couple days after the procedure.

      We hope that helps!

      WD Staff

  7. Avatar Bree says:

    I want to make sure that my eyebrows look nice. It’s good to know that microblading can last such a long time! That’s definitely something worth looking into for me.

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