Interesting Study: Average UV Exposure by Age Range

Written by WD Staff, Skin Care Specialists on November 5, 2013 2 Comments

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An old wives’ tale incorrectly states that the average person acquires 80% of their lifetime ultraviolet (UV) exposure by the age of 18. Contrary to this belief, the acquisition of sun damage from UV rays is spread fairly evenly throughout a person’s life.

In the 2003 study UV Doses of Young Adults, researchers carefully analyzed UV exposure data over time producing the following chart (source


Ages Average Accumulated Exposure
1-18 22.73%
19-40 46.53%
41-59 73.70%
60-78 100%


Interestingly, the age range with the highest average UV exposure occurred between the ages of 41-59 (27.17%).

The moral of this story: protect your skin at any age! Avoid sun exposure when UV rays are their highest and always wear a high SPF sunscreen.

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    I think its real interesting that the highest period occurs at an older age. I would think the highest period would be earlier.

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