Eyelid Surgery in Austin (Blepharoplasty)

As you get older, your eyelid skin stretches, muscles weaken and fat can accumulate around the eyes causing “bags.” Eyelid surgery (i.e., blepharoplasty) can correct upper lids, lower lids, or both.

Before and After Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Cameron Craven
eyelid surgery before photo Before
eyelid surgery after photo After
Dr. Cameron Craven
belpharoplasty before image Before
belpharoplasty after image After

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How is eyelid surgery performed?

Using twilight anesthesia, the patient remains awake and comfortable during the entire process. For an upper blepharoplasty, a very fine incision is placed in the natural crease above each eyelid and allowing for repositioning of fat deposits, tightening of muscles and tissue, and/or removal of excess skin. For a lower blepharoplasty, an incision is made just below the lower lash line and excess skin in the lower eyelids is removed. The incisions are closed with very fine sutures.

Blepharoplasty can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial surgery procedures such as Thermage™ or ActiveFX.

What kind of downtime is required for eyelid surgery?

Results of the eyelid surgery appear gradually as swelling and bruising subsides to reveal a smooth, better-defined eyelid and surrounding region. Most people feel ready to go out in public (and back to work) in a week to ten days after an eyelid surgery. By then, depending on your rate of healing, you’ll likely be able to wear makeup to hide any bruising that remains.

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