10 Common Vein Treatment Myths

Written by Daniel Friedmann, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist on December 2, 2014 12 Comments

leg vein myths

Leg vein issues and treatments are commonly misunderstood by patients. In this post I will address many common myths surrounding vein procedures:

MYTH 1: My leg veins are not painful, so they are not a problem.

Reality: The majority of people with moderate varicose or spider veins do not suffer from consistent pain. However, vein treatment is ideal for candidates who regularly encounter issues with their legs feeling itchy, tired, heavy, cramped, or restless.

MYTH 2: I need my veins… removing them doesn’t seem healthy.

Reality: Varicose veins form when a vein stops functioning properly, allowing blood to leak down away from the heart and lungs. The dysfunctional vein becomes enlarged, raised, and discolored. Removing these abnormal veins has only beneficial effects on the circulatory system of the affected leg.

MYTH 3: Varicose vein development is part of natural aging.

Reality: While heredity is a major contributor to unsightly vein development, a number of other factors including pregnancy, excessive weight gain, or a profession that involves standing or sitting for long periods of time all contribute heavily to varicose vein formation. Exercise, however, does not cause (or worsen existing) abnormal veins.

MYTH 4: Vein removal only means that veins are pulled out.

Reality: Today there are a number of  treatment options that are minimally invasive and performed on an outpatient basis. Treatments like sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, and laser vein removal all have short recovery periods and excellent success rates.

MYTH 5: Vein removal treatments are expensive.

Reality: Treatments for varicose veins that are associated with lower extremity swelling, itching, pain, or ulcers are often covered by health insurance plans. For treatments that are not covered by insurance, we also offer no interest financing through CareCredit.

MYTH 6: Vein removal is painful.

Reality: All vein treatment options offered at Westlake Dermatology are minimally invasive and involve little, manageable discomfort both during and post procedure.

MYTH 7: My veins will come back after treatment.

Reality: False. The veins that are destroyed or completely removed will not return. Although new spider or varicose veins may potentially develop over a period of years following treatment, their formation can be minimized with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and the daily use of compression stockings.

MYTH 8: It’s too late for me.

Reality: Leg vein treatments can improve the appearance of your legs, even if you exhibit common symptoms of advanced circulatory issues like skin darkening and ulcers. And it’s never too late to do something about the symptoms associated with painful or itchy veins.

MYTH 9: My leg veins will go away all by themselves.

Reality: Unfortunately, once varicose veins develop they very rarely go away without direct intervention. Some type of leg vein treatment will be required in order to minimize their visual appearance or address their associated symptoms.

MYTH 10: I can just hide my veins.

Reality: Many people tend to be self-conscious about their leg veins, preventing them from enjoying a multitude of outdoor activities where the lower body is typically exposed. Today’s treatments are a far better solution than living life with legs covered.

Daniel Friedmann, MD

Daniel P. Friedmann, M.D. is a fellowship-trained, board-certified dermatologist and phlebologist at Westlake Dermatology and Clinical Research Director of the Westlake Clinical Research Center. He has presented nationally on photorejuvenation, noninvasive fat reduction, radiofrequency devices, up-to-date techniques in photodynamic therapy, the management of stretch marks, and the treatment of hand, chest, and facial veins.

12 Responses to “10 Common Vein Treatment Myths”

  1. Avatar Kory says:

    Exceptional post but I was wondering if you could write a little more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

    • WD Staff WD Staff says:

      No problem Kory, we will be publishing more material on vein treatments shortly. Also please contact us directly if you would like a consultation, we can go over treatments that will work for your specific needs.

  2. Avatar Lasalle says:

    Awesome write up and great info, thanks!

  3. Hey! This blog is representing very useful information regarding vein treatment. I appreciate you for posting this blog.

  4. Avatar Jason says:

    I didn’t realize that, “Varicose veins form when a vein stops functioning properly, allowing blood to leak down away from the heart and lungs”. I thought it would be strange to remove a vein, but it turns out varicose veins are unhealthy. Knowing this, I don’t have a problem at all getting them removed!

  5. Avatar Dr. Joshi says:

    Varicose veins can affect both men and women of all ages. Varicose veins occur more frequently due to prolonged standing. Varicose veins appear to commonly affect people between 34 and 64 years of age. Nowadays, new laser technology and modern sclerotherapy techniques are used, so that patients do not require hospital admission or general anaesthetic and can walk in and out in under an hour.

  6. Avatar Dr. Wagner says:

    We tell our patients that it’s never too late to get treatment for your vein problems. It’s important to first understand just what some symptoms are that can indicate there is a problem with your veins in the first place. Even though it’s never too late, understanding the symptoms will help you be able to get treatment from a qualified surgeon quickly before things get worse.

  7. Avatar Kayla says:

    Thanks for this info. My aunt has varicose veins. She’s now looking up some vein treatment service to have it treated.

  8. Avatar Donald says:

    Thanks for busting these myths, Daniel. Most people avoid visiting a doctor because they are unaware of the truth. I would certainly share this with my friends.

  9. Avatar Kayla says:

    I didn’t know that leg vein treatments can improve the appearance of your legs. My aunt wants to have flawless legs because she wants to wear a skirt. My mom suggested trying vein treatment and shared this article with her.

  10. Avatar Kenneth says:

    It is really nice to hear that vein treatment isn’t painful like many say. I have a couple bad ones in my leg that I would love to get removed. Maybe it is time to consider getting some work done on them.

  11. Avatar Afton says:

    Thank you so much for helping me realize that varicose veins don’t just “Disappear” on their own. With how much they’ve bothered my wife recently, I wanted to get her some treatment but she’s insisted that they’ll go away if we give it some time. Now that I’ve read this article, I’ll take her to a varicose vein clinic immediately so she can get some help.

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