Our 16 Most Popular Posts of 2016

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2016's best blog posts

With 2017 approaching fast, we thought it would be helpful to go back through our blog and bring you our most popular blog posts of the year.

Here are the 16 most popular blog posts of 2016:

1. Aging Prevention for 30 somethings: Courtney Baldwin PA-C, provides tips on how people in their 30’s can fight back against aging and other skin changes. Read Post

2. Different Wrinkle Types: Did you know that not all wrinkles are the same? Learn how to combat static and dynamic wrinkles with today’s most effective treatment options. Read Post

3. Khloe Kardasian for Kybella: Allergan announced its new non-surgical double chin treatment Kybella with the help of celebrity endorser Khloe Kardasian. Read Post

4. VBeam vs Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Erin Solorzano discusses the differences between VBeam and IPL laser treatments. Learn which is best for you! Read Post

5. Dry Skin Mistakes: Winter is usually hard on people with dry skin. Learn 6 common everyday mistakes that can make your dry skin even worse. Read Post

6. Mommy Makeover Timing: Our very own Dr. Chuma Chike-Obi talks about the best timing for undergoing a mommy makeover procedure. Read Post

7. Cupping: After Michael Phelps and other Olympians appeared with circular marks all over there skin the worlds asked “What is cupping?”. Dr. Tomc discusses the practice of Cupping and its effect on the skin. Read Post

8. 2015 Cosmetic Surgery Statistics: In one of our favorite blog posts we break down the trends from the annual American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery Report. Read Post

9. Milk & Acne: Can drinking too much milk really cause acne breakouts? Board Certified Dermatologist Julie Fridlington takes on the myth. Read Post

10. Breast Lift Techniques: Dr. Craven covers the different breast lift techniques available. A must-read if you are considering breast lift surgery in 2017! Read Post

11. Phototherapy for Psoriasis: Great news for Psoriasis sufferers, we now offer advanced phototherapy treatments. Learn more about light therapy with this post from Dr. Rains. Read Post

12. Botox vs Dysport: The fight against wrinkles will continue to be waged in 2017. But which neurotoxin is best, Botox or Dysport? Kelly Wala, RN BSN compares both treatments. Read Post

13. Fall Skin Tips: It’s never too early to start planning for next year! Read our 5 best tips for great fall skin. Read Post

14. Professional Skin Checks: Board Certified Dermatologist Lela Lankerani discusses what happens during a professional skin check. Make sure to see your dermatologist for your annual check in 2017! Read Post

15. Rejuvenating Aging Skin: Our best tips for taking care of aging skin. Katie Fowler, MPAS, PA-C gives tips on how to keep our skin looking its best! Read Post

16. Best Psoriasis Treatments: Today, there are many great treatments for moderate to severe psoriasis including topical creams, systemic medications, biologics, and phototherapy. Read Post


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